Mustasch - "Killing It For Life Tour 2019"

Mustasch - "Killing It For Life Tour 2019"  

Hauptstraße 200
44892 Bochum

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Event organiser: Libby Rockt! Event & Konzerte UG, Hauptstraße 200, 44892 Bochum, Deutschland

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Raw. Charming. Abominable. Genius.
The band Mustasch sure can be be described in many ways. With their
straightforward and uncompromising attitude they provoke many, but their music is
loved by many more. And no matter what people think, Mustasch is one of Sweden´s
biggest hard rock bands of all time.
But let´s go back in time some odd 20 years. In the late 90´s, friends Ralf
Gyllenhammar and Hannes Hansson decide to form a band. The idea of the band is
crystal clear - they´re just going to play the kind of music that they like themselves
and will completely ignore whatever´s topping the charts at the time. After one
boozed out night, their collective vinyl collection is found scattered on the floor. The
sleeves are adorned by Hannes´ and Ralf´s music heroes such as Tony Iommi, John
Lord and Freddie Mercury. All of the legendary powerhouses have one thing in
common - they all wear the typical 70´s mustache. Thus, the band name is given.
Gothenburg natives Stam Johansson och Mats Hansson not only share Ralf and
Hannes liking for the band name, they also share their idea of what good music is.
Mustasch becomes a quartet, and a very productive one. In the following years, the
band make a name for themselves by playing the local stages and release their
music on small, borderline obscure, labels.
The dream of a real record deal contract come true in 2001 when Mustasch releases
their first EP "The True Sound Of The New West" on major label EMI Music
Sweden. The band quickly establish a name on the Swedish metal scene and when
the debut album "Above All" is released the following year, the road already is
paved and leads to their first first Grammy nomination. The album, likewise the EP,
is produced by Roberto Laghi.
Mustasch has now established themselves outside of Sweden. They are on the radio
as well as visible on MTV Europe - one of the biggest marketing channels at the
time. Word of the controversial band is spreading across the continent and Mustasch
set sail to tour on a scale never experienced by the band to this date.
In 2003, they follow up on the success of their major label debut with "Ratsafari". At
the helm this time is producer Jacob Hellner and the successful collaboration leads
to another Grammy nomination for Mustasch. Together with bands such as
Motörhead, Rose Tattoo and Gluecifer, they live the rock´n roll myth to its full extent
around Europe.
On the album "Powerhouse" Roberto Laghi is back as producer. However, the
relationship with EMI has begun to crack after various disagreements between the
label and the band. The single "Dogwash" becomes a hit though and it will be the
last Mustasch releases on EMI before the band decides to leave the label.
And that decision will be one of the most important in Mustasch´s history. Via the EP
"Parasite!", which the band release in 2006 in collaboration with Bohus
Entertainment, they end up on Regain Records. The record label gives Mustasch
much needed creative freedom and the result can be heard on the album "Latest
version of the Truth", produced by Tobias Lindell. The band now gets their real
breakthrough, which they have worked so hard for. The single "Double Nature" is
played on almost every radio station and in 2007 Mustasch finally brings home their
first Grammy.
Mustasch is now one of Sweden´s largest hard rock bands with the entire continent
of Europe as their natural home market. Where one tour ends another start and the
band finds themselves on the road most of the time. Like many rock´n roll brethren
before him, guitarist Hannes Hansson finally has had enough road time and decides
to leave Mustasch in 2008 to focus on his family.
Hannes is eventually replaced by David Johannesson. However, it won´t be long
before Mats Hansson announces that he will also leave the band. Mats suffers from
chronic arthritis and it is simply not possible for him to continue. The choice of the
new drummer naturally becomes Danne McKenzie, who previously
have replaced Mats when the latter´s been too ill to play.
Despite the changes of the band members, the victory train continues. In 2009 they
once again win a Grammy in the category Best Hard Rock Act of the Year, this time
for the self-titled album "Mustasch", produced by Tobias Lindell. Mustasch
continues to tour, opening up for legends such as KISS.
Mustasch goes from clarity to clarity, but the record industry is shaking. Regain
Records goes bankrupt and the band find themselves on a new label once more.
While at it they also decide to try a new producer. The album "Sounds Like Heaven,
Looks Like heaven" is released in 2012 on Gain/Sony Music with none other than
Ralf himself with the producer cap on. Not only that, Stam and David pick up
engineering duties resulting in an album where the band truly gets full creative
control. The video "The Challenger", directed by Patric Ullaeus, becomes a super
success and so is the new album - Mustasch finally get to hang their first gold record
on their wall.
In 2013, Danne McKenzie hands over the drumsticks to Jejo Parkovic who hammers
away on the resulting seventh studio album - "Thank You For The Demon",
released in 2014. Rikard Löfgren and Gustav Ydenius are brought in to co-produce,
and it all turns out to be a successful move. The album receives brilliant reviews,
especially in Germany and Finland where Mustasch further strengthens their position
by headlining several festivals and tours.
Few bands are as productive as Mustasch. Already in 2015 they release their next
album "Testosterone". But shortly after, it´s time for another change of membership
- Jejo Parkovic leaves Mustasch and is replaced by current drummer Robban Bäck.
"Silent Killer" is released in 2018 and becomes Robban´s first album behind the
drums. A the same time the bands relationship with label giant Sony comes to an
end when Mustasch start their on record label - Tritonus Records. The following year
marks the first release on their own label with the single "Blood In Blood Out",
which receives lots of airtime on Swedish radio.
Which brings us to present day and Mustasch´s latest effort. Not afraid to take a
stand, the band has teamed up with the Swedish aid organization Mind who combats
suicide among young men. The result is both the release of a new single - ”What is
Wrong” as well as the launchof the aptly named campaign #whatiswrong - the
purpose being to highlight the fact that more and more young men are driven to end
their own lives. The campaign seeks to help these very young men to find help and
support before it is to late.
The latest single are also featured on Mustasch´s upcoming album, which will be
released in the fall of 2019. In connection with the new album, the band is going on a
longer European tour.
And those who have seen and heard the band over the years agree - few hard rock
bands deliver as Mustasch. With an energy, raw strength and a song treasure
beyond the ordinary, Mustasch is a band that simply has to be experienced live. At
least once in a lifetime!
"KILLING IT FOR LIFE TOUR 2019" starts at November 13th.
Ralf Gyllenhammar - vocals/guitar
Stam Johansson - bass
David Johannesson - guitar
Robban Bäck - drums
"Mustasch will be the first band to play on the moon” - Stam
"We are a democracy, with a dictator” - Ralf
"Ralf ate my hat. He´s crazy.” - crazy fan
"Mustasch is liquor, hamburgers and pickup trucks.” - Ralf
"If there was another like me in this band, this band would not have existed.” - Ralf


Matrix Bochum
Hauptstraße 200
44892 Bochum
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Sie ist skurril, mysteriös, verwinkelt und vor allem riesig: Die Matrix in Bochum ist eine der größten Diskotheken des Ruhrgebiets und hat sich bereits weit über die Grenzen der Stadt hinaus einen Namen gemacht.

Die Matrix befindet sich in einem elfstöckigen ehemaligen Brauereigebäude, das bereits 1806 erbaut wurde. Ab dem Ende der 1970er Jahre wird der Gebäudekomplex als Diskothek genutzt und entwickelte sich unter dem Namen „Rockpalast“ zu einer Pilgerstätte für Anhänger der Metal- Szene. Seitdem der Laden im Jahr 2000 Besitzer, Konzept und Namen wechselte, erweiterte sich nicht nur das musikalische Angebot, sondern auch der Personenkreis, der nun die „Matrix“ besuchte. Aus einem Labyrinth aus mehreren Etagen und insgesamt 4 Areas mit jeweils unterschiedlichen musikalischen Schwerpunkten, dringen die verschiedensten Klänge. Feiern kann man hier sowohl zu Rock, Pop aber auch zu Dance- und Chartmusik. Das Aushängeschild des Clubs ist allerdings nach wie vor das erstklassige Konzertangebot. Hier spielten bereits einige der bekanntesten nationalen und internationalen Rockbands wie beispielsweise Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine, Boss Hoss, Danko Jones, Slayer oder Europe.

Erleben Sie mitreißende Konzerte, Feiern Sie durch die Nacht – Die Matrix wird Sie so schnell nicht mehr loslassen.